National Focal Point

The Italian Focal Point is the central contact and information point for all developments in the ICOS Italian network and acts as the interface between the ICOS RI, the national stakeholders and the scientific community in Italy.

The Institute of Agro-environmental and Forest Biology (IBAF) of the National Research Council (CNR) is the Italian Focal Point of ICOS.

Italian Focal Point

  • Dr. Carlo Calfapietra (carlo.calfapietra (AT)

Italian Focal Point secretariat

  • Dr. Lucia Cherubini (lucia.cherubini (AT)

Italian Focal Point IT & Webmaster

  • Ing. Michele Mattioni (michele.mattioni (AT)

Ecosystem Thematic Centre – Tuscia University and CMCC, Viterbo

University of Viterbo is hosting the Ecosystem Thematic Centre (ETC) together with the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) and the University of Antwerp in Belgium and the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in Bordeaux, France.

Four staff members are currently working at the ETC.

Project Manager

Scientific Staff

Database Manager

Italian Ecosystem Network

The Italian Ecosystem Network includes two candidate class I ecosystem-stations (Castelporziano Borgo Cioffi), three candidate class II ecosystem-stations (Negrisia, Monte Bondone and Renon) and four candidate associated ecosystem stations (Capodimonte, Torgnon, Bosco Fontana, Arca di Noè).

Coordinator of the ICOS Ecosystem stations Network

  • Dr. Silvano Fares (silvano.fares (AT)

Italian Ocean Network

The Italian Ocean Network includes four marine stations (Miramare, Paloma, E2M3A, W1M3A)

Coordinator of the ICOS Ocean stations Network

  • Dr. Michele Giani (mgiani (AT)

Italian Atmosphere Network

The Italian Atmosphere Network currently consists of two candidate atmospheric stations (Monte Cimone and Lampedusa). In the near future two new candidate sites will be added (Plateau Rosa and Potenza).

Coordinator of the ICOS Atmospheric stations Network

  • Dr. Alcide Di Sarra (alcide.disarra (AT)